Ready to sail into a world of personalized maritime elegance?

Choose Australian Marine Sales, where your boat’s name isn’t just designed; it’s crafted with heart and expertise, making waves wherever you go.

How Are LED Name Lights Installed?

Australian Marine Sales offers professional installation services for LED name lights. Our expert technicians ensure precise and secure placement on your boat, guaranteeing seamless integration without any hassle on your part.

What Customization Options Are Available?

AMS provides a wide range of customization options, including various font styles, sizes, and colours. We understand the importance of personalization, allowing you to choose the design that perfectly represents your boat’s identity.

Are LED Name Lights Waterproof and Durable?

Absolutely. LED name lights from AMS are designed to be waterproof and highly durable, ensuring they withstand the challenges posed by marine environments effectively.

Can LED Name Lights Be Customized for Different Fonts and Languages?

Yes, at AMS, we can customize LED name lights in different fonts and languages. Our team is skilled at recreating various styles and characters, accommodating diverse preferences.

What Power Source Do LED Name Lights Require?

LED name lights offered by AMS are typically powered by the boat’s electrical system, ensuring a stable and reliable power source. Professional installation includes proper wiring for seamless functionality.

Can LED Name Lights Be Controlled Remotely?

Yes, AMS provides options for remote-controlled LED name lights, allowing you to adjust brightness and color settings conveniently from a distance, enhancing your boating experience.

What Is the Lifespan of LED Name Lights?

LED name lights from AMS are engineered for longevity. With a lifespan of thousands of hours, they offer a long-lasting and energy-efficient solution, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Are LED Name Lights Visible During Daylight?

AMS LED name lights are designed to be visible even in daylight, ensuring your boat’s name is legible regardless of the lighting conditions, maintaining its elegance and charm.

Is Professional Installation Recommended?

Yes, AMS highly recommends professional installation to ensure the proper placement and secure integration of LED name lights. Our skilled technicians guarantee a flawless installation process.

Can LED Name Lights Be Customized with Logos or Graphics?

Yes, AMS offers customization services that allow you to incorporate logos or specific graphics into your LED name lights. Our skilled team ensures precise replication of your design, enhancing the uniqueness of your boat.

By choosing LED name lights from AMS, you’re not just investing in illumination; you’re investing in a personalized, durable, and technologically advanced solution that enhances your boat’s identity and ensures your safety and satisfaction on the water.

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