The process of mooring a vessel implies securing it to a fixed-point with the help of ropes or lines. By mooring, you basically make sure your boat is secured on a single point which, in its turn, is attached to the seafloor. This single point is called a marina mooring and it consists of an anchor, a float and a rode. Mooring can be a lot cheaper compared to Berthing however because of this it has its cons i.e having to use a tender, watercraft to get out to the boat.


Berthing means placing your vessel in the fixed location known as a berth. To make it easier to understand, imagine that the berth is basically your boat’s parking place. Berthing refers to the whole process of maneuvering your boat until it is secured in the fixed position in its berth. Therefore, we can say that berthing your boat means parking it in a designated area. We recommend doing the research as to what Marina you will Berth your vessel. Make sure you counter in location, car parking, facilities, whats included in your fees etc.