Yacht Controller

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Stress-Free Yacht Control

Discover stress-free yacht control with Yacht Controller, enabling you to effortlessly dock your vessel while retaining complete control away from the helm. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design guarantee a hassle-free docking process.

Leading the industry with cutting-edge wireless remote control technology, Yacht Controller offers customisable software for a system poised for the future. Shaped by customer feedback, Yacht Controller provides vessel owners with an intuitive wireless remote that ensures control from anywhere onboard.

Australian Marine Sales supplies and organises installation of yacht controller all over Australia and new Zealand- we will customise the correct unit to suit your vessel and your requirements.

Wireless Remote Control Technology

Engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and safety, Yacht Controller delivers a seamless docking experience driven by customer innovation.

Versatile Compatibility

Yacht Controller offers unparalleled versatility, seamlessly integrating with a wide range of vessels. Whether you have a yacht, commercial vessel, catamaran, sailing boat, or motorboat, Yacht Controller can be installed and tailored to suit your specific needs.

Its compatibility across various types of watercraft ensures that every captain can experience the convenience and precision of remote control operation, enhancing the enjoyment and safety of every journey.

We’ll customise a solution for your vessel. Our wireless yacht controllers have been fitted to renowned brands like Sunseeker, Princess, Riviera, Maritimo, Alaska, Palm Beach, and Horizon.

Every customer we’ve supplied with our yacht controllers highly values them, considering it an indispensable piece of equipment that most boat owners refuse to be without.

AMS Expert Team

At Australian Marine Sales our expert team guides you through the entire process, from selecting the right yacht controller for your needs to carrying out supply and organising installation with reputable trades. We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that your vessel is equipped with the perfect yacht controller


Yacht Controller ensures stress-free intuitive docking, letting you maintain full vessel control while stepping away from the helm.


Yacht Controller pioneers wireless remote technology with customisable software, setting the standard for the future.


A wireless remote for seamless onboard control, engineered to the highest standards of quality and safety

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Yacht Controller

Essentials: Navigating the Seas with Ease

Advancements in marine technology have led to the development of the yacht controller, a system designed to revolutionise the way yachts are maneuvered. By integrating advanced technology into the helm, yacht owners have unprecedented control over their vessels.

The yacht controller is a remote-control device that enables operators to steer their boats from any location on board. It provides a clear line of sight and greater flexibility during docking and other precise maneuvers

The crux of a yacht controller lies in its ability to provide users with a stress-free docking experience. With this technology, you’re no longer bound to the confines of the cockpit while trying to align with a dock in challenging conditions.

A yacht controller also brings a layer of safety to operations, allowing immediate action from the most advantageous point on the yacht in case of an emergency.

Key Takeaways

The yacht controller enhances maneuvering with a remote-control system.

Users benefit from increased flexibility and safety during docking.

This technology represents a significant shift in marine vessel operation.

What Is a Yacht Controller?

A yacht controller is an advanced device designed to make the manoeuvring of your yacht more convenient and precise. This technology allows you to operate various functions of your vessel from a distance using a remote control. Most yacht controllers are wireless, permitting you to move around as you control your yacht.

With a yacht controller, you have the capability to:

  • Start and stop engines
  • Control the bow and stern thrusters
  • Operate the anchor winch
  • Adjust the gangway

These features can be advantageous when docking or navigating through tight marinas, where precision is key. By using a yacht controller, you reduce the need for additional crew, as you’re able to manage more tasks single-handedly.

The primary attributes of a quality yacht controller include:

  • Ease of use: intuitive design for straightforward operation
  • Reliability: strong and consistent signal performance
  • Safety: features that ensure safe use, such as emergency stop buttons

Owning a yacht controller enhances your boating experience, giving you confidence in handling your yacht in various conditions. As yacht controllers become more common, technological developments continue improving the control and functionality available at your fingertips.

Remember to choose a model that suits your particular yacht and needs. Compatibility with your yacht’s systems, range, and battery life are critical factors when selecting your yacht controller.

Main Features

When selecting a yacht controller, several standout features should be your primary focus:

Wireless Control

Modern yacht controllers offer you the flexibility of wireless connectivity. This feature allows you to manoeuvre your vessel from any location on board, significantly improving visibility and ease of access during operation.

Joystick Operation

Intuitive joystick controls provide you with precise handling capabilities. Whether you’re docking or navigating tight quarters, the joystick makes these tasks more manageable.

Autopilot Integration

Autopilot systems can be seamlessly integrated with your yacht controller, enabling you to set a course and let the system handle the steering. This addition affords you the comfort to relax or attend to other duties.

Ease of Docking

A sophisticated yacht controller makes docking less stressful. Advanced controllers assist in managing your vessel’s position and throttle, allowing for smoother entry into a berth.

Manoeuvring Precision

These controllers give you heightened control over your yacht’s movements in open water or confined spaces. They can adjust to changing conditions, helping you to manoeuvre your boat safely and confidently.

Speed Control

Gain detailed management over your vessel’s speed with incremental adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune your cruising speed or docking approach.

Considering these features, you’ll ensure your yachting experience is not only enjoyable but also safe and efficient.


Wireless Control

Joystick Operation

Autopilot Integration

Docking Assistance

Manoeuvring Precision

Speed Control


Increased flexibility and improved visibility

Precise handling and manoeuvrability

Hands-free cruising and course maintenance

Simplified and smoother docking process

Safe navigation in diverse conditions

Accurate speed adjustments for optimal control

How Does a Yacht Controller Work?

A yacht controller is an advanced system that allows you to manage your yacht’s navigation and steering from a remote handset. This innovation gives you flexibility and the freedom to move around the vessel while maintaining full control.

Key Components

  • Transmitter (Handset): You hold this wireless device to send commands to the yacht.
  • Receiver: Installed on your yacht, it receives signals from the handset.
  • Actuators: These devices physically move the steering, throttle, and gears in response to your commands.

When you operate the yacht controller, your inputs on the transmitter send radio signals to the receiver. This communication triggers the actuators to adjust steering, throttle, and gears, effectively managing your vessel’s movement.


  • Throttle Control: Adjust your yacht’s speed smoothly by increasing or decreasing the power.
  • Steering: Direct the yacht’s course precisely by altering the rudder position.
  • Gear Selection: Switch between forward, neutral, and reverse for manoeuvring.

The yacht controller is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing marine systems, offering an additional helm that you can use from any location on board. Your yacht’s navigation is more intuitive, with less need to be stationed at the main helm.

Your safety is enhanced through failsafe features that ensure control reverts to the primary systems in case of any signal interruption. Always ensure that your yacht controller is compatible with your vessel’s marine systems and is installed by a qualified technician to maintain the integrity of your yacht’s operations.

Yacht Controller Models

Watermakers utilise reverse osmosis technology to convert seawater into freshwater, suitable for drinking and other uses. This process hinges on using high-pressure pumps and sophisticated filtration systems to remove salt and impurities from seawater.

Dual Band

The Dual Band is the standard model that operates on two frequencies for increased safety and reliability. Its simplistic design and ease of use make it a favourite among casual boaters and seasoned sailors alike.

Dual Band Plus

Dual Band Plus offers an upgrade with enhanced capabilities, including a more extensive range signal. This model allows for refined control, ensuring precision when docking.


The Maximo is tailored for larger vessels, providing an extensive range of control. If your yacht demands more sophisticated manoeuvring, the Maximo might be the right choice.


Supremo, as the name implies, is the supreme version that offers top-tier performance. The Supremo stands out as the optimal option for yachts that require the highest level of control and response.


Fusion integrates the latest technology to combine efficiency with a user-friendly interface. This model is designed for those who appreciate modern innovations in yacht control systems.

Here is a quick comparison:

Each system is engineered to enhance your yachting experience, ensuring you possess the control and confidence needed at sea. Whether you prefer the straightforward Dual Band or the cutting-edge Fusion, Yacht Group caters to your navigational preferences with these robust models.


Dual Band

Dual Band Plus
















Best Suited for

Casual Boating

Precision Docking

Larger Vessels

Ultimate Control

Technological Savviness

Dockmate Vs. Yacht Controller

When deciding between Dockmate and Yacht Controller for your vessel, you want to ensure you’re making an informed choice. Here’s an objective comparison to guide you through the essential features of both remote docking systems.


Dockmate: It offers a user-friendly interface with plug-and-play functionality. You have the advantage of wireless control, which includes the thrusters, horn, windlasses, and engines.

Yacht Controller: It provides a comprehensive package with options for wireless joystick and fixed control stations. Its versatility extends to various types of engines and thrusters.

Thruster & Engine ControlBoth systems grant you precise control over your boat’s movement. Dockmate uses simple, direct commands, while Yacht Controller’s proportional controls allow delicate adjustments.

DesignYour comfort during operation is imperative. Dockmate prioritises a compact design suitable for boats with more constrained space. In contrast, the Yacht Controller’s ergonomic build may offer a more comfortable grip for extended use.

PrecisionPrecise manoeuvring is vital. Dockmate ensures instantaneous response, which is crucial for tight slip entries. Yacht Controller also promises precision, especially in its joystick models, which facilitate nuanced commands.

RedundancySafety is paramount. Dockmate employs a dual-band signal to guarantee redundancy in communication, minimising interference risks. Yacht Controller incorporates multiple channels, thereby enhancing the reliability of your system.



Thruster Control





User-friendly, simple design



High with instant response

Dual-band technology

Yacht Controller

Intuitive, multiple controls



High with proportional control

Multiple channel transmission

Yacht Controller Cost

When considering a yacht controller for your vessel, you can expect a spectrum of prices influenced by brand, complexity, and functionality factors. Yacht controller systems typically range from AUD 5,000 to AUD 20,000. Prices may vary depending on the level of customisation and the specific requirements of your vessel.

Authorised dealers play a pivotal role in the purchase process. They provide detailed information about the cost, service, and support you can anticipate post-installation. It’s advisable to contact multiple dealers to get competitive quotes and find the best value for your investment.

Here’s what the cost includes:

  • Hardware: the physical controller unit and additional components necessary for operation
  • Installation: professional installation by a certified technician, ensuring the controller is integrated seamlessly with your yacht’s systems
  • Warranty and Service: after-sales support, which typically covers a warranty period and potential service costs

Request a cost breakdown delineating hardware, installation, and service expenses for the most accurate estimate. This will give you a transparent understanding of where your money is going and help prevent unexpected costs.

Investing in a yacht controller adds convenience and enhances your boating experience. While it represents a significant expense, the ease of manoeuvring and increased safety justify the investment for many boat owners.

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