Stella Watermakers / Desalinators

Australian Marine Sales supply, install and service Stella Watermakers on a variety of vessels.

We are the sales and service agents for Stella Watermakers, an Australian owned company that manufactures extremely reliable and affordable desalination systems for the marine industry.

Turn seawater into fresh drinking water on-board your boat with a Stella Watermaker / Desalinator!

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the ideal Stella Watermaker for your boat.



Stella Watermakers / Desalinators

Simple manual operation, no electronics
With the operation of just two valves and a pressure control knob on the control panel you are producing water.

Super performance and reliability
Our watermakers make fresh water fast, 80-240 litres per hour with our AC and engine driven units.

Low maintenance and running costs
A simple, better engineered watermaker with less components means less maintenance is required.

Modular design for easy installation
All Stella Watermakers are modular (separate components not a large framed box) so can be fitted wherever there is available space.

Real Value for Money
The combination of a simple reliable design, quality components and high water output make Stella Watermakers real value for money.

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