Aquila 44 Yacht


Aquila 44 Yacht POWER CATAMARAN A Highly Social Platform Born of innovation and experience, the luxurious Aquila 44 Yacht Power Catamaran is a world leader in its class. Designed to be both a long distance cruising yacht and a highly social platform, the highly experienced [...]

Aquila 70 Luxury


Aquila 70 Luxury POWER CATAMARAN Intelligent Luxury Gorgeous lines, super balanced, intelligent luxury. These are just a few ways to describe our new flagship, the Aquila 70 Luxury Power Catamaran. This breathtaking and powerful catamaran is like nothing you have ever stepped aboard. With [...]

Aquila 54 Yacht


Aquila 54 Yacht POWER CATAMARAN Breathtaking Aquila’s rapid growth and global success have challenged our international design and engineering teams to elevate expectations with a newer, larger, and more elegant cruising model. The Aquila 54 Yacht Power Catamaran embodies the reliable features and construction [...]

Aquila 36 Sport


Aquila 36 Sport POWER CATAMARAN Plenty of Liveaboard Space The Aquila 36 Sport is a totally innovative approach to having fun on the water. An outboard propelled power catamaran that can day boat with a multitude of revelers and all their water-toys or provide [...]

Aquila 32 Sport


Aquila 32 Sport POWER CATAMARAN Discover a Sea of Possibilities Discover a sea of possibilities with the Aquila 32 Sport Catamaran. The Aquila 32 features several stand-out features and enhancements making it the perfect platform for waterborne adventures namely high style, strength, quality plus exciting [...]

Aquila 28 Molokai


Aquila 28 Molokai POWER CATAMARAN A Fresh Evolution of Classic Boating Traditions Introducing the Aquila 28 Molokai. The incredible ride, inspired by native Hawaiian watercraft, is born from the rigors of island hopping in the tumultuous waters of the Pacific Ocean, making the Aquila [...]

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